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Revealed - Coventry a gold mine - Postitive Properties

Revealed: Coventry a gold mine for landlords letting homes out to students

City student landlords get the best return in England – with Warwick coming in second most profitable

Landlords make more money off students in Coventry than anywhere else in England, new research has found.

Warwick was second on the list of English locations where investors can get the best return from buying up properties near universities and letting them out to students.

The figures came to light in a survey by property website Zoopla, which looked at the percentage of their property investment landlords could expect to see returned over the space of 12 months.

The calculation, known as rental yield, showed that, in Coventry, the rental yield was 6.03 per cent with landlords pocketing an average of £1,780 from students in a typical four-bedroom house.

Revealed – Coventry a gold mine